Looking for Garage Door Spring Repair. Heavy-duty commercial overhead doors and residential garage doors operate through the transmission of force from a motor to a doorframe through the use of torsion springs. Consequently, these springs are constantly under a great deal of pressure, and represent one of the most common repair service calls we receive at Dream Garage Door.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Not all garage door springs are made equal. Like any component of a mechanical system, high quality springs will last for years or even decades at a time, while cheap or poorly-designed springs are prone to failure. It takes the experience of a dedicated professional to determine whether a certain spring will last in a garage door mechanism.

Fortunately, our technicians offer some of the most thorough service for garage door springs in Allegheny County. We are familiar with every spring found on the market and can reliably predict how long a certain spring will last in the application it is being used for. When replacing springs for our customers, we only use high-grade steel springs that feature a lifetime of more than double that of stock springs common to homes and businesses in the region.


As experts in garage door spring repair in Washington County and its surrounding areas, we have seen and addressed innumerable spring problems for our customers. From corrosion to rust to improperly installed springs, we offer the most professional service for spring replacement and repair in the area.

Spring Quality and Cycles

The quality of a garage door spring determines how many cycles it can undergo before it becomes worn or damaged. A single cycle is endured every time the door mechanism opens and closes. Stock springs common to homes and businesses can withstand between 5,000–10,000 cycles while our high quality springs withstand between 25,000–50,000 before requiring replacement.

As the numbers show, high quality springs are worth the investment. Contact Dream Garage Door to have corrosion-resistant springs installed in your home or businesses’ overhead doors and enjoy smooth door performance for decades.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Pennsylvania

It does not matter where you live in the state of Pennsylvania we can have a qualified technician sent to your home to fix and garage door repair needed. You will find that we have the best prices for pennsylvania residents and it’s not because we have cheap parts. Our parts are quality parts manufacter by the best garage door parts manufacturers in the United States. So if you live in Pennsylvania please give us a call and we would be more than happy to take a look at your garage door and give you an estimate.