Are you looking for Garage Door Opener Repair? Every automatic garage door is powered by some kind of opening and closing mechanism. Whether the opener is driven by a chain, a belt or a jackshaft, moving parts powered by a motor are responsible for lifting and dropping the frame of the door reliably and safely. Just like any motor, however, these openers can fail, especially when not regularly maintained.

Garage Door Opener Repair

What are the signs of a faulty garage door opener?
Typically, an overhead door motor that exhibits chain slack, humming sounds, scraping noises or intermittent stopping is one with a failed motor. These symptoms can be caused by a wide variety of internal problems, making professional service necessary to repair the opener.
Dream Garage Door has the most experience in garage door opener repair in Allegheny County, with a full decade of service and some of the best-trained technicians in the industry. We can determine why your garage door opener doesn’t work and replace the necessary components to get it functioning regularly again. As the leading provider of garage door repair solutions in the region, we offer this service throughout the area, from Clairton and Duquesne all the way through Washington County and beyond.
Should you repair or replace a broken garage door opener?
Our customers often ask us whether repairing or replacing a faulty opener is preferable. We understand that repairs typically cost less than replacement and installation, but will insist on replacement if our inspection suggests that you earn greater value or safety that way. Federal guidelines and brand production history inform our specialists’ recommendations, ensuring that you get the best possible value when addressing a faulty opener, especially if it is an old or worn one that is likely to produce additional problems in the future. So if you’re looking for Garage Door Opener Repair please give us a call.

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Whatever your specific needs may be, you can trust Dream Garage Door to provide you with valuable garage door opener service in Washington County and surrounding areas. Call on us and enjoy a comprehensive inspection to benefit from an expert opinion on the best way to keep your garage door functioning perfectly for years.