Are you looking for Garage door Maintenance? Home and business owners are often surprised by the complexity of the average garage door opening and closing mechanism. The number of separate moving parts that need to operate in conjunction just to get the door to open or close usually makes the door the most complex mechanical device in the average home or office.

Garage Door Maintenance

As a result, parts will eventually break down and need to be replaced. Ensuring the longest lifetime for your door assembly requires regular inspection and maintenance. Our experts recommend annual tune-ups to home and business owners who wish to get the most out of their garage doors.
As the leading company for garage door tune up and maintenance in Allegheny County, we are uniquely positioned to offer value to our customers in the form of quick, comprehensive inspections and excellent tuning services.

Dream Garage door Maintenance

We perform both residential and commercial garage door inspection in Washington County and surrounding areas. With our service, homeowners benefit from a longer service life from their door assemblies, and business owners improve their bottom line by cutting costs on eventual repairs.

When we tune a garage door for one of our clients, we render the following services:

25-point Inspection—Our technicians are trained to carefully inspect each individual component of our customers’ doors, testing all seals, rollers, springs and cables to ensure quality performance and reliability.
Parts Replacement—We replace any part too old or worn out to be relied upon with a new high quality component.
Adjustment and Lubrication—To ensure the longest possible lifetime of use, we carefully balance, adjust and lubricate our clients’ door components.

Our preventative maintenance program is the surest way to avoid parts failure. A single annual service call can prevent expensive repairs from being necessary in the future; call Dream Garage Door today to schedule yours.