Do you think you’re in need of Garage Door Cable Repair? Garage Door Safety cables are common to all models of garage doors on the market, yet are not frequently included in garage door inspections. At Dream Garage Door, we are aware that cable problems, while less obvious than spring or track issues, can affect our customers’ use of their doors. As a result, we make sure to thoroughly assess these components whenever we conduct an inspection.

Garage Door Cable Repair.

If your door gets stuck upon opening or closing, or slams shut instead of gently closing itself, there is a chance that your doors’ cables are to blame. As the leading provider of garage door cable service in Allegheny County and surrounding areas, we can verify the condition of your cables and repair them if necessary, ensuring that your door operates safely and reliably.

As experts in the Garage Door Cable Repair of both residential and commercial overhead doors, we combine years of experience with world-class training and some of the most advanced tools on the market. Entrust your garage door cable repair to Dream Garage Door to enjoy the best results whenever your garage door needs service.

Garage Door Cable Repair

What are garage door cables used for?

Home and business owners are generally aware that garage doors operate through the action of springs. For this reason, many of our customers ask us why cables are redundantly included in the opening and closing mechanism of the door. As with any mechanical system, however, redundancy improves safety. Garage door cables ensure that a faulty or defective spring doesn’t cause the door to snap shut, possibly damaging property or even injuring people.

This important safety consideration is the primary reason why we take garage door cable replacement so seriously. If your door gets stuck or occasionally slams shut, you are at risk every time you pass through it—have one of our technicians visit your property and conduct a garage door cable repair inspection as soon as possible. Reliable cable inspection in Washington County can help make sure that your door is safe to use; do not hesitate to call Dream Garage Door for the service.